Join the Faculty Association

Your membership in the FA counts! Members strengthen our voice on campus. The more members we have, the more representative we are of faculty, and the more power we have at the bargaining table, where we negotiate everything from salaries to the status of tenure and the procedures for program change.

Membership in the IEA also makes you eligible for NEA Member Benefits.

The  monthly dues for 2016-2017 are ten payments of $67.40, which most members choose to have paid in ten monthly installments via payroll deduction. You can also make a lump sum payment if you prefer. For further questions, please contact FA Treasurer Joe Shapiro at

Download the Forms  (use the “Back” button to return to this page)

  1. Fill out the IEA Online Membership Form SIUCFA
  2. Fill out the DUES DEDUCTION FORM – FA 2016-2017
  3. Submit both forms to J’Neita Fassel

J’Neita Fassel, IEA-NEA
500 E. Plaza Drive, Suite 5
Carterville, IL  62918


  1. Enter your AIS (employee) ID number..
  2. Fill in your name.
  3. Enter your address.  (For those of you with a post office box number address it is very important that you also list your legal street address.)
  4. Enter the department you work in.
  5. Enter the month/year of the pay period you wish your membership to begin.  (Examples:  September 1, 2016; October 1, 2016, etc.)
  6. Sign and date your authorization form.


(Detach and return bottom portion, to J’Neita Fassel, IEA-NEA, 500 E. Plaza Drive, Suite 5, Carterville, IL  62918.  For questions please call 1-800-431-3730.  IEA-NEA Enrollment forms will be mailed upon receipt of the dues deduction form.  The IEA-NEA form will finalize your membership in the SIUC Faculty Association, IEA-NEA and result in the issuance of your IEA-NEA Membership Card.  This card gains you access to the MEMBERS ONLY  portion of the IEA-NEA website at (including member only discounts).