Anyone interested in filing a grievance should contact any member of the Grievance Committee via or at the Ask the FA page.

The Grievance Committee member will then notify the Committee Chair, who will notify the entire Committee about the potential grievance. The Chair will, in consultation with the grievant, appoint one of the Committee members as the Grievance Representative for that grievance. The Grievance Representative will be responsible for gathering all pertinent information about the grievance, maintaining a written record of this information, informing the grievant about all relevant timelines in the grievance process, representing the grievant at the initial informal attempt to resolve the grievance, and keeping the Chair of the Grievance Committee apprised of all relevant information about the grievance. The decision to file a formal grievance will be made in consultation between the Chair and the appointed Grievance Representative, unless there is a disagreement between the Chair, the Grievance Representative, and/or the grievant, in which case the decision will be made by the Grievance Committee.

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