March 2015 newsletter – summer contracts

Dear Colleagues,
Our contract states that “In the calculation of pay for summer teaching contracts and in the absence of mutual agreement between a Faculty member and his/her department Chair, a Faculty member will receive the equivalent of one month’s salary for every three (3) credit hours taught.” In other words, the standard pay for summer teaching is supposed to be a full month’s salary for every 3 credit hours. However, last academic year, many colleges at SIUC offered faculty less than a full month’s salary for teaching a summer class.  In some departments faculty unanimously refused to teach for less and received a full month.  In other departments, faculty summer salaries were inconsistent, running a spectrum from a full month to less than half a month.
Now summer classes are once again being planned, and several colleges are again going to offer faculty less (sometimes significantly less) than a full month’s pay teaching.  The administration will be reaching out to faculty about the summer shortly, if you have not already had conversations with your chair.  If you are approached and offered a specific class for less than a full month’s salary, or asked if you would, in principle, teach an unspecified class for less than a month’s salary, please contact the Faculty Association.  If you see a copy of any summer funding plan, please let us know about it as soon as possible (we already have the plan for the College of Education and Human Services).  

We recommend in the strongest terms that you do not sign any summer contract without first speaking to the Faculty Association about your rights.  If you sign a contract for less than a month’s pay, you cannot change your mind at a later time and insist on a full month’s pay.  As always, your communications with us are confidential, and the union will not approach the administration about your summer salary unless you request it.

If you expect to be or already have been approached and have questions or want help dealing with this issue, please contact one of the following people:
Aldo Migone:
Randy Hughes:
Rachel Stocking:

Rachel Stocking

President, Faculty Association

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