Strike Watch #3

422 days without a contract

A “strike watch” means conditions exist which could lead to a strike by the Faculty Association and our sister unions, the Association of Civil Service Employees, the Non-Tenure Track Faculty Association, and Graduate Assistants United. The administration can solve this crisis today with a fair settlement of our contracts. Make your voice heard by joining the FA!

September 1 Solidarity Demonstration

Protect quality education.
Support a fair contract settlement for faculty, graduate assistants, and civil service staff.

Faculty, Graduate Assistants and Civil Service employees at SIUC are beginning their second academic year without a labor contract – because university officials will not negotiate and come to new agreements.  Our professional employees have been furloughed and threatened with layoffs and job elimination. These employees help students succeed every day, but their professional interests are pushed aside while quality education and the health of the SIU Carbondale community suffer.

Join us in solidarity at a demonstration of support for those who actually produce the high quality educational programs at SIUC–Faculty, Graduate Assistants and Civil Service staff.

WHEN:  11 a.m. to 1 p.m., Thursday, September 1, 2011

WHERE:  Meet at the intersection of Rt. 51 and Grand Avenue. Informational picketing will be on public property adjacent to University property.

WHY:    428 days WITHOUT a contract – It’s time to stand together

WHO:    Anyone who supports quality education and fair labor agreements for Faculty, Civil Service staff and Graduate Assistants – the heart of SIUC.

Volunteers have developed fliers and posters for this event. A selection of fliers for your use is attached to this message.


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