Bargaining to resume under the auspices of a federal mediator

Friday evening, November 4, SIUC Associate General Counsel Deborah Nelson, a representative of the Board Bargaining Team, sent a message to Faculty Association lead negotiator Morteza Daneshdoost indicating the Board Team’s willingness to resume bargaining under the auspices of a federal mediator. Morteza replied the same evening, agreeing to resume bargaining. The exact time of bargaining sessions depends on the availability of a mediator, but it is our hope that bargaining sessions can resume by Sunday.

Our collective action, along with the support of students, community members, and employees across campus, has brought us to this point. Despite the attempts of the administration to minimize our results and to suppress contradictory views, it is apparent that it has not been business as usual on campus.

It is our hope that bargaining will proceed quickly with a real give and take that will close the gap between the two sides and result in a mutual agreement. As far as we have come, we have farther to go to reach our goal of a fair settlement. That means we will keep building pressure – sustaining our strike, growing participation in picketing and other activity, and reaching out to supporters – until a tentative agreement is reached at the bargaining table.

The Faculty Association is holding an informational meeting for faculty at 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, November 6, at the Carbondale Civic Center. This meeting is open to all members of the bargaining unit represented by the Faculty Association.

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