CHE Bargaining Update: 30 April, 6 May, 13 May 2013, Automotive Technology, Architecture, Computer Science, Theater

CHE bargaining ended this term with an agreement in the Department of Computer Science. The main sticking point for the department had originally been the phrase “research-active faculty,” but bargaining teams and the department were ultimately able to iron out a compromise on this subject. The FA bargaining team is particularly grateful to department representatives for responding so quickly to proposals during the bargaining process.

We have also made provisional progress on the subject of contact hours. On Tuesday, 30 April we discussed credit-hour equivalence amendments in the College of Applied Sciences and Arts, specifically the departments of Automotive Technology and Architecture, both of which have hefty contact-hour commitments not currently recognized in workload assignment. Automotive Technology in particular has an extensive time commitment involved in preparing a single course session and David Gilbert gave a particularly compelling presentation on this subject. The bargaining teams continued to discuss the architecture amendment on 6 and 13 May, in an attempt to iron out criteria for lab and studio hour CHEs, as well as the contact hours required in architecture theses.

On Monday, 13 May, the bargaining teams discussed the amendment in the Department of Theater. Here too one of the central sticking points is the contact hours required for costume, set design, and other studios, as well as those required for directing a major production. During the course of the session, consultants from the department, Anne Fletcher and Mark Varns, made a compelling case for how the existing structure of their program is reflected in their CHE proposal. In the case of both architecture and theater, the FA bargaining team anticipates receiving proposals from the administration team in the coming weeks. We will resume bargaining in the fall with these proposals.

The FA bargaining team would again like to thank all of the faculty who took the time to serve as consultants and to discuss their amendments and programs with us. We are sincerely grateful for all of the effort and energy you’ve put into this process.

Currently, we do not yet have an itinerary for the fall, but bargaining will resume the first week of the semester. As always, if you have any questions about this process, please do not hesitate to contact Ryan Netzley (

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