No Chancellor Lane. We did not vote against the USG’s resolution.

In response to the email from Chancellor Lane about student concerns. The FA explicitly refrained from weighing in except to say we had the same concerns about implementation (prerequisites, etc), etc. we have had in the past. We did not poll the bargaining unit because our concerns have gone unheard in the past. We are, OF COURSE, concerned about student well-being. We have contacted University Communications and asked them to correct this misinformation.

All Bargaining Unit Meeting 11/30/21

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Posted on Behalf of Member Ed Benyas

Dear Colleagues from SIU and around the country,I’m speaking to the SIU Faculty Senate tomorrow to encourage them to follow the lead of over 800 research faculty Stanford, Princeton, Cal Berkeley and Temple and call on Attorney General Merrick Garland to end the Trump era’s “China Initiative.” Please encourage your Faculty Senate representatives to join these illustrious institutions and approve the proposed letter to AG Garland (for those of you at SIU). In addition, over 1000 faculty from all 50 states have signed on to the Stanford letter individually. Anyone with an edu email address can do so. I’m respectfully requesting that each of you also sign on to the Stanford letter here:…/1FAIpQLSdLeKxr4pIfGb…/viewform That link provides additional background, and makes it incredibly easy to sign on. Thank you in advance for standing up against racial profiling and discrimination. Ed Benyas

Press Release about Salary Increase

Faculty Association Fall Gathering 8/21

Fall 2021 COVID Impact Bargaining Agreement

The Impact Bargaining agreement about class room procedures and Faculty rights is posted under the Current Contract tab. Thanks to the FA Bargaining Team (Anne Fetcher, Sam Pavel, and Jeff Punske) for their hard work on this agreement. If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact a member of the Team. Here’s to a safe and productive semester.

President Fletcher’s Remarks to the BoT 7/15/21

Statement to Board of Trustees July 15, 2021 (available as read on BoT website)

Good afternoon. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Anne Fletcher. I am a Professor in the School of Theatre and Dance. I have been at SIUC for 20 years. I am here today in my capacity as President of the SIUC Faculty Association.The Faculty Association works with administration in settling and even preventing grievances, implementing the Collective Bargaining Agreement, navigating reorganization, and more. We are currently in collective bargaining. Employing Interest Based Bargaining, the joint team’s relationship remains open and friendly. I urge you to take the opportunity to build into the FY 2022 budget meaningful salary increases for Faculty. Except for Promotion and Tenure, Faculty have received in total a 2% increase in salary across the last decade. Salary compression has become acute. Morale is extraordinarily low. While I recognize that “feelings are not facts”, Faculty perception is that we are simply not a priority. Faculty numbers have decreased by at least half in my time here, currently totaling approximately 425. Arguably, the student body has shrunk proportionately. However, in terms of class preparation, office hours, committee assignments, recruitment and retention, and other service activities, work has increased. There are fewer Faculty to complete daily operational tasks. Students and Faculty, teaching and learning, are the heart and soul of a university. We hope that SIUC will recognize Faculty and stand committed to the people who have committed themselves to SIUC.Thank you for your time.

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