Workload Resources

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I. Workload provisions from our 2010-2014 contract

II. Other faculty contracts for comparison
Some of these contract included detailed equivalencies between contact hours or indirect teaching and credit hours; others give examples of indirect teaching activities and refer to departments for specifics. The links are to the full contracts, with references to the parts most relevant for workload issues.

University of Delaware (2010-2013)
Article 11

Eastern Washington University (2009-2013)
Article 7.5.5 Workload

Florida State University
Article 9, Assignment of Responsibilities

Kent State University
Article 9, Faculty Workload

Queens University
Article 37, Workload

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Article 8, Working Conditions

Cleveland State University
Article 13 Faculty Workload,%20FINAL,%20September%2015,%202011.pdf

Connecticut State University
Article 10 Workload

III. Other online resources

University of Illinois at ChicagoContact/Credit Hour Formula

University of Texas System Workload Rules

NC State Credit-Hour Contact-Hour Guidelines

Dakota State University Faculty Workload Policy

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