FA News: 9/17/2016

Two quick things.

1. I provided a broken link to the FA Facebook page in my last message. Here, together with my apologies for that error, is a link that ought to work:


2. The following message about the evaluation of President Dunn reached me in an email thread from the College of Liberal Arts. I pass it along as it may not have reached everyone in the most conspicuous manner. You may send the attached survey to a Faculty Senate member from your college or directly to Faculty Senate President Judy Davie.


The following request has been received from the SIU Board of Trustees:

“The Southern Illinois University Board of Trustees will meet October 18-19 at the SIUE campus, Birger Hall, Board Room, to review information regarding the triennial performance review for President Randy J. Dunn.  This review is required by Southern Illinois University Board of Trustees Statutes Article II Section 5. 4.  The input of your constituent group is important. Your input will be held closely by the Board members and maintained as confidential to the greatest extent possible.”

Please review the attached interview questions. The interview questions are being distributed to all senators to solicit feedback from faculty.  You can compile comments from the faculty you represent or have faculty respond directly to me. Please e-mail comments regarding the interview questions to Judy Davie (jdavie@siumed.edu) prior to  October 14th.  If you wish to remain anonymous, please indicate that in your response. This will be discussed at the October 18th Senate meeting.

In solidarity,

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