FA Member News: 3/1/2017

Dear Faculty Association Colleagues,

1. IEA elections on March 8

On March 8 there will be an election for Region 2 Chair, Vice-Chair, and Ethnic Minority Delegate. The candidates, none of whom are from the SIUCFA, are:

For Chair: Marsha Griffin
For Vice Chair: Julie Lewis and Grace Taylor
For Ethnic Minority delegate: Vivaca Clark

There are spaces for write-in candidates for all three positions in the ballots.

In addition, the SIUC-FA is allotted one delegate from the local to the national NEA Representative Assembly (which takes place from June 30 to July 5, 2017 in Boston). No candidates volunteered to run for local representative to the NEA RA. There will, however, be the opportunity for a write-in vote for this position, so if anyone is interested in running on that basis, we would happy to have them do so.

The election for SIUC-FA local representative to the NEA RA will take place simultaneously with the election for Region 2.

The vote will take place on Wednesday, March 8, from 1-3, at a table in the first floor of the Student Center, near the entrance closest to Neckers (i.e., the entrance farthest from Faner).

If someone would like to vote on the Region 2 election by absentee ballot, please request an absentee ballot by emailing your request to our VP, Aldo Migone, at aldo@siu.edu by Thursday March 2, at noon. (Our apologies for the short notice.) An absentee ballot, and instructions for how to submit it, will be provided.

2. Faculty Senate election

Nominations are being solicited for Faculty Senate elections. The Faculty Senate plays an important role in campus deliberations, and may well have a central role in major decisions coming up in the near future. Elections for the Faculty Senate often get a low turnout (though certainly no lower than that for IEA elections!). So If any FA members are interested in our publicizing their candidacy for the FS, I would be happy to do so. Just drop me a line and I will list all FA member candidates who report their names to me in an email sent out to this list before the Faculty Senate election takes place.

In solidarity,

Dave Johnson
President, SIUC FA

About Dave Johnson
I'm an Associate Professor in Classics at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Among other things.

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