“Vision 2025” Coverage

This is an effort to gather press coverage and other links about Chancellor Montemagno’s “Vision 2025” plan. This post was last updated 11/5/2017. If you have a link to add, please it to Dave J at dmj2@me.com

Chancellor’s Vision 2025 website

FA Newsletters

FA News: 10/23/2017 (on faculty votes)

FA News: 10/3/2017 (initial response)

Daily Egyptian

Some students say they welcome chancellor’s academic reorganization (11/1)

Student leaders say chancellor isn’t open to input, particularly from women and minorities (11/1)

Column: What about us? (Sam Beard column, 11/1)

Forum gives SIU community chance to voice concerns about Montemagno’s academic shake up (10/25)

Column: The chancellor’s move toward darkness (Sam Beard column, 10/25)

USG discusses chancellor’s academic shake-up (10/19)

GPSC says Montemagno’s academic restructuring could negatively impact graduate students (10/18)

Southern Illinoisan

Chancellor’s plan at SIUC raises plenty of questions (editorial 11/3)

Thumbs up to Marion, thumbs down to sexual harassment claim (11/3; includes “thumbs up” to deferral of decision re Africana)

In open forum, SIUC chancellor confronts questions, concerns about restructuring plan (11/2)

Carlo Montmagno: Rapid change necessary at SIUC (op-ed; 11/2)

SIUC faculty, students raise doubts about restructuring plan in open meeting (11/2)

Confusion surrounds future of graduate assistants at SIUC (11/2)

SIUC chancellor says decision on Africana Studies will be deferred (11/2)

SIU to delay decision on ending Africana Studies for 1 Year (10/28; AP)

Opinion | Jakobi Williams: What will you do? (op-ed on Africana Studies, 10/25)

New SIUC chancellor’s first speech shows promise (editorial 10/1)


SIU President “Holding Judgment” on SIUC Reorganization Plan (10/30)

WSIU InFocus: SIU President Randy Dunn   (10/30)

WSIU InFocus: SIUC Faculty Senate and Reorganization Plan (10/23)

WSIU InFocus: SIUC FA Responds To Reorganization Plan (10/17)

WSIU InFocus: SIUC Chancellor Carlo Montemagno  (10/10/2017)

SIUC Chancellor Unveils Reorganization Plan to Faculty (10/19)



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