FA News (2/12-13/2018): Deadlines

Dear Colleagues, (2/12)

An edition of “FA News” with some important information on upcoming deadlines is attached. Here are the basics; the attachment provides fuller explanation: FA NEWS 12 Feb 2018. 

1. Seven-day deadline to add materials. If your school has not yet received a 30-day extension for deliberations, you should submit any written materials you wish to be included in the package of materials known as the “program change plan” within the next seven days. These are the materials faculty will review when voting on these plans in departments, college committees, the FS, and GC. A prudent deadline for faculty assigned to proposed schools that have not qualified for an extension is this Friday, February 16. Send such materials to Associate Provost Dave DiLalla.

2. Extension votes. Faculty in schools whose makeup has changed may still have time to vote for an extension (on the FA reading of the CBA). So keep those votes coming if you want more time for your deliberations. 

In solidarity,

Dave Johnson

President, SIUC-FA

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Dear colleagues, (2/13)

Sorry to bother you again, but I’m getting repeat questions on the same topic so wanted to answer them publicly.

Unless your school has qualified for a 30 day extension (and that has been confirmed by the administration), the time to submit “dissenting views” or any other documentation for the Article 9 process is now.

We recommend that you email such materials to Associate Provost DiLalla by this Friday, 2/16, clearly noting that you intend them to be included with the materials know as the “Program Change Plan.”

You will not receive a final version of the plan to comment on; the final version of the plan will be presented alongside such additional documentation, and you will be required to take an up or down vote on it.

Nor will feedback you have already provided to the chancellor, AP DiLalla, or the Board of Trustees be automatically included with the Article 9 materials. If you want such materials to be seen by colleagues in other departments in your proposed school, in the Faculty Senate and Grad Council, and on college review committees, you should send them directly to AP DiLalla and explicitly tell him you want it included as part of the program change plan. You may join with colleagues to send jointly signed documents, but feedback can be provided by individuals as well.

This is your opportunity to ensure colleagues have the information they need to evaluate the proposals they will be asked to vote on. Your comments will be particularly vital in areas where votes by faculty in proposed schools are likely to be mixed (as in those units where some departments have voted to extend the vote, while others have voted not to). Colleagues on the Faculty Senate and Graduate Council will presumably be asked to vote on such proposed schools despite the absence of a faculty consensus. Thus any information you provide them could help guide them in making a difficult vote.

In solidarity,

Dave Johnson

President, SIUC-FA

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