FA News: Assault on shared governance

Dear Colleagues,
A newsletter is attached: FA News 22 March
I believe it is the most important one I have written, for I think that we have reached a crucial moment in the restructuring crisis, and indeed a major moment in the history of SIUC.

The chancellor is attempting to remake our college structure in a matter of days. I cannot help but be blunt about this. What the chancellor is proposing is a travesty of shared governance, and it will do this campus irreparable harm. It is up to us as faculty to stand up for what is in the best interest of SIUC.
Two quick points before the newsletter itself:
1. Given the haste with which the chancellor is moving, we will move up our general membership meeting to 4:30 on Tuesday 3/27, in Lawson 202. Please join us if you can. Given the importance of what is going on, we welcome all faculty, whether they are members of the FA or not. We will provide updates, and share the FA take on things, but we also want to hear the views of faculty from across campus. After we’ve discussed the restructuring crisis, we will turn, if time allows, to somewhat less pressing matters that may mainly be of interest to FA members, including bargaining, nominations for officer elections, and membership.
2. In at least one college, votes on RME’s have been scheduled at the college level, but not at the department level. We urge faculty to arrange for votes in their units as well, and to share the results with others in their college and with the FS and GC. This will provide more information to all about the level of support or opposition to these college plans in individual units.
In solidarity,
Dave Johnson
President, SIUC-FA

About Dave Johnson
I'm an Associate Professor in Classics at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Among other things.

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