FA News 4/5/2018

Here’s the latest newsletter, with an update on restructuring and the upcoming BOT meeting.

FA News 5 April 2018

Updated A9 Plans

Attached are all the updated A9 plans. I list them here with the voting deadlines for departmental faculty. Note the related post on faculty votes. and the post with FA reviews of plans.

Updated 4/22 with Analytics, Finance and Economics. 

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More A9 Plans emerge

March 31 update (2): I’ve now received a copy of the plan for Psychological and Behavioral sciences: 

Program Change Plan – School of Psych and Behavior Sciences

March 31 update (1): all the school plans are being modified to have the schools “temporarily” report directly to the Provost (now to be Meera Komarraju, if confirmed by the BOT.). That is, they wouldn’t be assigned to any college, but would be free floating until the college structure is fixed.

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Response to “Embracing accuracy”

Here’s the FA response to the chancellor’s blog post (“Embracing Accuracy“) attacking the FA for “misrepresenting information.”

Embracing Evidence (29 March 2018)



Press Release on Faculty votes

Here’s a press release the FA put out on March 27.

March 27 press release on faculty votes

The Southern Illinoisan has a story up on the release here. 

FA News: Assault on shared governance

Dear Colleagues,
A newsletter is attached: FA News 22 March
I believe it is the most important one I have written, for I think that we have reached a crucial moment in the restructuring crisis, and indeed a major moment in the history of SIUC.

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Restructuring Colleges

This post will be updated as we get more RME’s in.

Now (10:00 pm 3/21) with an update from CASA and (3/26) the Agriculture “renaming” RME.

The administration is now pushing forward restructuring colleges. And, at least in some cases, faculty are being given all of a week to vote on huge changes–dismemberment of their current college, moving to a new college, or accepting additional programs to their college.

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Restructuring update

After a bit of a lull, the administration is starting to push forward with restructuring plans. Three “Program Change Plans” reached us last night (3/8). The administration has set an initial deadline of March 30 for departmental votes on these proposals, with April 6 the deadline for the FA to provide its response.

Program Change Plan – School of Earth Systems and Sustainability (packet)

Program Change Plan – School of Biological Sciences (packet)

Program Change Plan- School of Computing (packet)

After the break, an update on who voted for an extension, who to speed up, etc.

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FA News (3/7): Announcements, retreat

Dear colleagues,

Attached you’ll find the latest FA newsletter: FA News 7 March 2018.

There are a number of announcements—the most timely being news that the BOT is holding a retreat this Friday at Touch of Nature. I attach the agenda for that meeting: 0318boardretreatwebposting.

In addition to the announcements, you’ll find my effort to understand the next phase in the restructuring effort. We’ve had a bit of a lull, and I hope all of us find some time to catch our breaths over spring break, but restructuring fire and fury will be returning all too soon.

In solidarity,

Dave Johnson
President, SIUC FA

FA News (2/12-13/2018): Deadlines

Dear Colleagues, (2/12)

An edition of “FA News” with some important information on upcoming deadlines is attached. Here are the basics; the attachment provides fuller explanation: FA NEWS 12 Feb 2018. 

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