Budget resources

The following are resources intended to help students, faculty, and others navigate the complexities of university finances. Information is lumped into three groups here: the SIU budget, the state budget, and ways to get involved.

New additions will be noted with dates in brackets.

1. The SIU budget

Specific budgetary proposals

FA budget request of 27 April. (Questions about the plan for $30 million in cuts.) [Added 5/18/17]

Chancellor Colwell’s March 29 2017 message outlining plans to meet the $30 million in cuts.

President Dunn’s March 29, 2017 message calling for $30 million in cuts to the SIUC campus.

Chancellor Colwell’s July 5, 2016 message outlining plans for $21 million in cuts

25% proposed cuts  President Dunn’s March 2015 proposals for cuts if Governor Rauner’s Budget were passed.

Budget books and related documents

Each budget book provides detailed figures on system and campus finances. The FY 2015 budget book will contain a budget plan for 2015, together with final results from FY 2013 and preliminary results from FY 2014.

FY 2015 year end report.

2015 Budget Book.

FY 2014 Budget book.

Other resources for SIU finances

SIUC staffing (sans medicine) (Recent trends in campus staff levels). [Added 5/18/2017]

System VP for finance website. Links to various budget documents.

SIU system audit office. Links to audits, etc; these are done only on the system level.

SIUE budget site. Info on Edwardsville budget, but also system budget info, and some helpful descriptions of how the budgetary process works.

SIUC Institutional Research. Lots of info on everything from employee headcounts to income from appropriations and tuition finances.

SIU System Connection.” These messages, sent by President Dunn to faculty and staff, generally contain updates on both the state budget and major moves regarding SIU’s finances. In addition to the March 29, 2017 message outlining the need for $30 million in cuts on the SIU campus, see the April 12, 2017 message about the April 7 Board of Trustees meeting, where the board declined (at least for the moment) to consider a loan for the Carbondale campus.

Campus Messages. These are messages are sent from the Chancellor (Interim Chancellor Colwell at this writing) to faculty and staff.

2. The state budget

A handy and influential blog on state government is called Capitol Fax. The blog links to major news stories, includes links to stories in prominent media sites on Illinois and the comment stream is more informed than most.

Politico Illinois Playbook. Another site conglomerating stories on Illinois politics.

As noted above, President Dunn often comments on the state budget situation in his SIU System Connection messages.

3. How to get involved

If you are represented by a campus union, become a dues-paying member and get active! Strong education unions are strong advocates for higher education.

Call, write, or speak in person with your state legislators and with the governor’s office. You can look up your representatives’ contact information here.

Faculty can get involved with the Faculty Association (you’re on our website already!), the NTT Faculty Association, or the SIUC Faculty Senate or Graduate Council.

Undergraduates can get involved with Undergraduate Student Government; graduate students can get involved with the Graduate Professional Student Council (GPSC) or Graduate Students United (the GA union).

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