“Informal minutes” of FS meeting

SIU Faculty Senate President Kathy Chwalisz has post informal minutes of a meeting between Chancellor Montemagno and members of the Faculty Senate. Her cover note is pasted below. Here is the link to the minutes themselves:

Faculty Senate Working Meeting with the Chancellor–Faculty Senate EC Meeting 11-7-17

Dear Faculty, Staff, Students, and other members of the SIU community.

Like many of you, Faculty Senate members have had a number of questions about the reorganization plan and process.  We have also been talking to constituents and gathering ideas and questions.  In our October Faculty Senate meeting, senators requested additional time with the Chancellor for questions and discussion.

Given the Chancellor’s full calendar, we were unable to schedule an additional special Faculty Senate meeting with the Chancellor.  The solution was to invite the remaining Faculty Senate members to join the 11/7/17 Faculty Senate Executive Council meeting, which is routinely attended by the Chancellor and Provost.  The Faculty Senate had a productive working meeting with the Chancellor and Associate Provosts/Acting Provosts Chevalier and DiLalla. 

Although we don’t typically take and distribute minutes for the Faculty Senate Executive Council meetings, we decided to record and transcribe this working meeting.  Attached are informal “minutes” of that working meeting.  Senators submitted some questions in advance, and then comments and questions were taken from the floor.

Several important topics were discussed, including the elimination of departments and department chairs (p. 4), GA budget (p. 3) and graduate students teaching (p. 9), and the Police Academy (p. 7).  Key words are highlighted, to help you navigate the 10-page transcript.  A two-hour long meeting involves a lot of discussion, and efforts were made to quote the participants exactly, as much as possible.  Text not marked with quotation marks is slightly paraphrased for the sake of timely transcription.

If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to your Faculty Senators, and we will continue to support and represent you in this process. 




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