FA Reviews of A9 proposals

Cf. the posts on revised A9 plans, and faculty votes on A9 plans.

We’ll post the official FA Reviews of Program changes plans here as they are ready.  While each plan is specific to the department(s) involved, each also contains a good deal of information that may be of use to faculty as they consider the plan in their own area.

FA review of plan for School of Earth Sciences and Sustainability

FA review of plan for School of Computing

FA on School of Biological Sciences

FA on School of Human Sciences

Faculty RME votes

Faculty votes on the RMEs/A9 plans are starting to come in. I’ll try to keep this post updated as regularly as I can. For Program Change Plans (the documents being voted on), see this post.

For FA reviews of plans, see this post

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Updated A9 Plans

Attached are all the updated A9 plans. I list them here with the voting deadlines for departmental faculty. Note the related post on faculty votes. and the post with FA reviews of plans.

Updated 4/22 with Analytics, Finance and Economics. 

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More A9 Plans emerge

March 31 update (2): I’ve now received a copy of the plan for Psychological and Behavioral sciences: 

Program Change Plan – School of Psych and Behavior Sciences

March 31 update (1): all the school plans are being modified to have the schools “temporarily” report directly to the Provost (now to be Meera Komarraju, if confirmed by the BOT.). That is, they wouldn’t be assigned to any college, but would be free floating until the college structure is fixed.

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Response to “Embracing accuracy”

Here’s the FA response to the chancellor’s blog post (“Embracing Accuracy“) attacking the FA for “misrepresenting information.”

Embracing Evidence (29 March 2018)



Press Release on Faculty votes

Here’s a press release the FA put out on March 27.

March 27 press release on faculty votes

The Southern Illinoisan has a story up on the release here. 

Restructuring Colleges

This post will be updated as we get more RME’s in.

Now (10:00 pm 3/21) with an update from CASA and (3/26) the Agriculture “renaming” RME.

The administration is now pushing forward restructuring colleges. And, at least in some cases, faculty are being given all of a week to vote on huge changes–dismemberment of their current college, moving to a new college, or accepting additional programs to their college.

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Restructuring update

After a bit of a lull, the administration is starting to push forward with restructuring plans. Three “Program Change Plans” reached us last night (3/8). The administration has set an initial deadline of March 30 for departmental votes on these proposals, with April 6 the deadline for the FA to provide its response.

Program Change Plan – School of Earth Systems and Sustainability (packet)

Program Change Plan – School of Biological Sciences (packet)

Program Change Plan- School of Computing (packet)

After the break, an update on who voted for an extension, who to speed up, etc.

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Restructuring update: more schools

The chancellor is apparently now saying that he wants there to be at least 20 schools; in the latest released draft of his restructuring there were 18, including Medicine and Law. We have received word of two new schools in the works, in addition to the proposal for Computer Science.* We do not yet have a new, formal A9 proposal (unlike the case with Computer Science), so these are tentative. We will update when we get official proposals.

  • The Department of Psychology will be removed from the proposed School of Social Sciences and allowed to form a School of Psychological and Behavioral Sciences, to be housed in a proposed College of Health and Human Sciences. Faculty currently in Psychology would be joined by faculty in behavior analysis and therapy.
  • The Department of Technology will become a School of Technology in the (renamed) College of Science, Engineering, Technology, and Transportation (STTEM!).

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Restructuring update: Computer Science

The administration today (1/24) shared with the FA a new Article 9 proposal for a School of Computing. It basically calls for the current Department of Computer Science to be rechristened as a School of Computing. The proposal only affects faculty in Computer Science.

The proposal suggests that the tentative new name for the college will be College of Science, Technology, Transportation, Engineering and Math (no doubt looking for STTEM as the acronym). This also suggests that Transportation may be split off from the proposed School of Transportation and Applied Science.

Program Change Proposal – School of Computing.pdf