Restructuring update

There’s been lots of discussion of various possible changes to the second version of the chancellor’s reorganization plan. Thus far we have only heard tell of three changes that have been fully approved by the chancellor:

Communication Studies has been moved from Social Science to Media & Performing Arts.

Computer Science has been granted a request to form a separate school of computer science, which will eventually house other, new programs. They have thus essentially been able to promote their department to a school–rather than being demoted to a mere “division” within a school.

Healthcare Management has been informed that they will indeed be able to move to the school of Health Services rather than being housed in Management and Marketing.

Other faculty requests have not been accepted, at least not yet.

Africana Studies has requested a move from Social Sciences to Humanities. This request was made quite some time ago, so it would appear that it has effectively been denied.

Faculty in Political Science have proposed creation of a separate Department of Public Administration in the College of Business. This in an RME separate from the chancellor’s restructuring plan, but presumably in response to it. Other faculty in Political Science would remain a separate unit.

There has been discussion of splitting Transportation programs (aviation and automotive) off from the proposed school of Transportation and Applied Technology and forming a school of transportation. (It is not clear to me whether this proposal was pushed by faculty or administration.)

Other proposed revisions are being discussed, but in a lower key manner, and as faculty may wish to keep those discussion under the radar we’ll wait for confirmation to post them.


I should note that a request for a “transfer” by faculty does not necessarily indicate that faculty support the restructuring proposal, only that they believe would better be housed in school A than school B if the restructuring is indeed to take place.

We would appreciate any reports from faculty on proposed or accepted changes that they would like to share.


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