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Last update: Saturday 1/27.

This post, which will be updated as new results reach us, will list votes and “straw poll” results regarding the Article 9 approval process.

Please send additions and corrections to Dave Johnson. Corrections will be noted at the bottom.

Proposed schools that have met the voting threshold to secure a 30 day extension.


Media, Communications, and Performing Arts

Social Sciences (assuming that Psychology, which has yet to vote, has indeed been removed from this school)

Constituency body votes 

Civil Service Council. Voted 10-3 in support of the chancellor’s plan.

College of Liberal Arts Council. Voted 15-0 with one abstention to oppose universal elimination of departments.

Faculty Senate: Voted 19-11 (with 3 abstentions) on 11/14/2017 to oppose universal elimination of departments on campus.

Grad Council: Voted 14-5 (with 3 abstentions) on 12/7/2017 to oppose universal elimination of departments on campus.

GPSC: Voted to oppose universal elimination of departments on campus.

Undergraduate Student Government: Voted to oppose universal elimination of departments on campus.

“Straw polls” on the merits of the chancellor’s proposal.
(These are non-binding, preliminary votes to ascertain current sentiment of faculty. Formal faculty votes will take place only after the current “proposals” are re-released as “plans” and we move into section 9.05 of the CBA.)

Proposed Schools

Proposed School of Humanities: Voted 43-0 to oppose the proposal.

Proposed School of Social Science: Voted to oppose the proposal (though subsequent discussion showed a wide range of views as to what this vote meant).


Agribusiness Economics. Voted 4-0 on 12/14/17 that “As written, the ABE faculty are not in favor of the Chancellor’s proposal.”

Civil and Environmental Engineering: Voted to oppose proposal.

Counseling, Quantitative Methods, and Special Education: Voted to oppose proposal.

Math: Voted to oppose proposal.

Language, Cultures, and International Trade: Voted to oppose proposal.

Unit votes to slow down the process (These are binding if they pass by 60% in each affected unit in a proposed school.)

Africana Studies

Agribusiness Economics


Cinema and Photography

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Communications Studies

Educational Administration and Higher Education.




Language, Cultures, and International Trade



Radio, Television and Digital Media



Votes to speed up the process

None have been reported to us thus far. 


Political science has conducted a series of votes. They voted 7-0 in support of the Faculty Senate Resolution opposing elimination of all departments. They voted 3-2-2 to endorse “Do you favor the Chancellor’s proposed School of Homeland Security.” They voted 5-0-2 to endorse: “The political science faculty opposes our unit being relocated into a ‘School of Homeland Security.'” A vote of 3-3-1 failed to pass a resolution calling for the name of said school to be changed if, despite its negative recommendation, Political Science were relocated to the “School of Homeland Security.”

Correction: My original post mistakenly reported that Math had voted for an extension; they have not. I also characterized their straw poll as “unanimous.” I am told that all present at the meeting voted “no,” but as not all faculty were present at that meeting, I have removed that characterization.

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