More A9 Plans emerge

March 31 update (2): I’ve now received a copy of the plan for Psychological and Behavioral sciences: 

Program Change Plan – School of Psych and Behavior Sciences

March 31 update (1): all the school plans are being modified to have the schools “temporarily” report directly to the Provost (now to be Meera Komarraju, if confirmed by the BOT.). That is, they wouldn’t be assigned to any college, but would be free floating until the college structure is fixed.

As suggested by the Chancellor’s blog post today (3/29), more A9 school plans (the versions faculty will cast final votes on) are now appearing.

The Psychology school plan should be out tomorrow afternoon, Vice Provost DiLalla has informed me.

An interesting wrinkle of these plans is that it would place both schools, temporarily, directly under the provost rather than in a new or current college. That is apparently how the administration now plans to handle the two-track approach by which colleges are moving on a separate timeline from schools.

Program Change Plan – Human Sciences-Packet

Program Change Plan – School of Health Sciences-Packet

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