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I’ve started a separate page with COVID “resources”–links to things that may be of use, rather than announcement type things like those below. (added 3/18)

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FA recommendations #2

Campus message 3/16/2020

This page now houses multiple updates and will presumably continue to be updated. I won’t try to flag every update, but major ones from this update include:

  • Given the uncertainty around the timeline for COVID-19, we have decided to continue using alternative formats for the remainder of the semester
  • Employees impacted by COVID-19 School closings and self-quarantine due to international travel have affected a number of SIU employees. Starting tomorrow, March 17, employees who need to be away from work for COVID-19-related reasons such as illness, quarantine or child care, will continue to be paid for up to two work weeks without having to use their personal benefit time. These employees may be asked to work from home, if able. 

FA Recommendations 3/16/2020


DE FAQ update, 3/14/2020


Chancellor message from 3/13/2020

We have updated our FAQ on the impact of the coronavirus and COVD-19 to your many thoughtful questions. You will find new information for students, faculty and staff about the following:

• Restrictions for and cancellation of events
• The shift to online and other alternative formats for most courses
• Expectations of graduate assistants
• Student employment
• Housing and dining
• Faculty and staff expectations and policies
• Updated travel restrictions that include self-quarantine expectations for returning international travelers

Info on 8 week classes (from admin) and online programs (3/13/2020)

For programs that are completely online – they will proceed as previously scheduled – so, they may have homework, readings, etc. Some of these fully online courses are in 8-week blocks and were scheduled to start Monday and they will proceed as previously scheduled. The logic centers on goal of limiting face to face contact in classes, and to do so in least disruptive way possible. I believe that vast majority of such courses will be asynchronous, so hopefully able to manage with some flexibility. Instructors  will be accommodating if students fail to log in until March 23.

For on campus, face-to-face courses that were scheduled to begin after the original spring break and run for eight weeks: such courses will follow the same guidelines as other face-to-face courses. That is, these will not begin until March 23, after the extended break, and will be moved to online or alternative format. That is, they will be condensed by one additional week…

IEA website with COVID-19 updates

SIUC announcement cancelling on-campus classes (3/11/2020)

FA Newsletter on COVID-19 (3/10/2020)

FA News

Links from FA message of 3/10

SIU page on COVID-19 

Illinois Department of Public Health on COVID-19

The CDC page on COVID-19

An AAUP statement on COVID-19 and their resource page on COVID-19

NEA page on COVID-19 (K-12 centered, but much of relevance)

SIUC CTE page with links to tutorials on D2L and help with Echo360 (video lecture platform).

Chronicle of Higher Education introduction to online teaching

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