Updated A9 Plans

Attached are all the updated A9 plans. I list them here with the voting deadlines for departmental faculty. Note the related post on faculty votes. and the post with FA reviews of plans.

Updated 4/22 with Analytics, Finance and Economics. 

Updated 4/15 with School of Marketing and Management & School of Education. 

Updated 4/6 with plan for Applied Engineering and Technology (now at very bottom). 

Updated 4/5 with plan for Agricultural Sciences (now listed on the bottom) and a revision to Earth Systems & Sustainability.


Program Change Plan- School of Computing mod 4-4–2018


Program Change Plan – Biological Sciences (revised 3-30-2018)

Program Change Plan – School of Earth Systems and Sustainability (modified 4-5-2018)

Changes to ESS plan include:

Addition of the 3rd paragraph in section A (pertaining to provisional operating procedures), along with a clarifying footnote regarding impact bargaining.

Clarifying sentence at beginning of “Organizational Structure of the School” section. “Provost Report” for the school had already been communicated, but they requested clarification here.

On pages 6 and 7, a clarification that makes clear that ultimate College names are still to be determined (adding “or, as alternately named”).


Program Change Plan – Health Sciences

Program Change Plan – School of Psych and Behavior Sciences

Program Change Plan – Human Sciences


Program Change Plan- School of Agricultural Sciences

Program Change Plan- School of Applied Engineering and Technology


Program Change Plan- School of Management and Marketing


Program Change Plan – School of Education


Program Change Plan- School of Analytics, Finance and Economics

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