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Faculty votes on the RMEs/A9 plans are starting to come in. I’ll try to keep this post updated as regularly as I can. For Program Change Plans (the documents being voted on), see this post.

For FA reviews of plans, see this post

UPDATE 4/23: Agriculture in (and vote totals added)

UPDATE 4/19: Rehab vote clarified. 

UPDATE 4/16: I’m now posting all supporting materials that come in with these votes (but have yet to backfill earlier schools).

UPDATE 4/15: New votes in biological sciences and health sciences. In both proposed schools there is some confusion. Faculty in biological sciences seem positive about the school formation but desire to remain in the College of Science, rather than directly reporting to the provost, until the new college can be formed. So two of the biological departments voted “yes” to the RME, while expressing their desire about college placement, while one of the departments voted “no” because it did not approve of the placement beneath the provost. In health sciences, faculty were given a confusing ballot that allowed them to vote both to merge the Rehabilitation Institute and to retain it as a separate unit.

Votes are listed for-against-abstain, with the verdict afterwards for clarity. I provide a number for abstentions, including a zero, whenever that line is filled out on the relevant RME voting sheet; where no number was provided, I leave it blank.

Earth Systems and Sustainability (8-2-0)

• Geology: 8-1-0 in favor

• Geography: 4-1 in favor

Computing (12-0)

• Computing: 12-0-0 in favor

Biological sciences (13-12-1)

• Zoology: 1-12-1 against.

Zoology forwarded the following message together with their vote:

By a tally of 1 in favor, 12 opposed, and 1 abstention, the Zoology faculty voted that they could not support the proposed RME until it stipulates that (1) the College of Science will continue to exist until the proposed new College is formed, and (2) the College of Science will retain its own Dean until the new College is formed.

• Plant Biology: 8-0-0 in favor.

Plant Biology forwarded the following statement:

The faculty also wish to report that (1) they believe forming a School of Biological Sciences by merging the Departments of Microbiology, Plant Biology, and Zoology is an improvement over the existing structure, and (2) they feel strongly that the College of Science continues to persist until the College of Science and College of Agricultural Sciences can merge simultaneously.

• Microbiology: 4-0-0

This statement was forwarded to DiLalla by Kelly Bender, the chair of Microbiology:

My faculty did request that I forward along the comment that while they prefer the language in the reorganization plan of reporting to the Provost’s Office over the School of Agricultural Sciences, that they ultimately would like the School of Biological Sciences to remain in the College of Science until the college is dissolved.

Bio Sciences – Additional Info Provided with Votes

PVC-Approval Form-School of Biological Science (Zoology)

PVC-Approval Form-School of Biological Science Plant Biology vote April 6 2018

School of Health Sciences (18-2-0)

• School of Allied Health: 10-0-0 in favor

• Rehabilitation Institute: 8-2-0

Rehab originally had a confusing ballot, which is posted below. After consulting with me, AP DiLalla agreed to have Rehab cast as single vote to avoid ambiguity. (A little example of FA and admin ending up on the same page.)

REHAB Vote – Health Sciences Plan (original, confused)

Revote on RME R Programs to Health Sciences (final, on single issue)

PVC-Approval Form-School of Health Sciences – Allied Health

School of Human Sciences (8-14-3)

[Now posting all supporting materials I’ve received–4/16]

• Kinesiology: 0-9-0 against

• Social Work: 4-1-0 (with chair writing letter in opposition)

• Human Nutrition and Dietetics: 3-4-3 against (NTT 1-2-0 against)

Public Health 4-0-2 in favor

Kinesiology forwarded documentation arguing that Sports Administration should be moved to Human Sciences from Management and Marketing.

Vote Report School of Human Sciences (Nutrition)

School of Social Work Faculty Vote on Program Change Plan 13 April 2018

Vote Report – Human Sciences – Kinesiology

PHRP Vote Human Sciences

Agriculture (9-14-3)

Agribusiness Economics (0-4-1)

• Forestry (0-4-1, 2 not voting)

• Plant Science (6-0-0, 7 not voting)

• Animal Science Food and Nutrition (3-6-1; NTT 1-2-3)

ABE VoteChange Plan

ABE 18-April-2018_Minutes

Forestry – Vote

Forestry statement

Plant Science Vote

Animal Science Food and Nutrition Vote


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