Memo of understanding on PT for 2019-2020

The FA and administration worked out some procedures for promotion and tenure during the 2019-2020 cycle.

Quick summary:

For faculty in the news schools (established by July 1, 2019):

Will “chair” for PT purposes will be elected by faculty from old unit/department

College committee will be that of old college.

Dean will be dean of old college.

For faculty remaining in old units/departments

Chair is current chair (no change)

College committee, at candidate’s option, is either:

Committee of old college (include reps from departments that have left)

Committee of new/remnant college (i.e., not including reps from departments that have left)

Dean is current dean (no change)

In all cases, the standards outlined in the unit OP at the time of hire (or last promotion) are to be used.

The full memo can be found here:

MOA on PT 19-20

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