FA News: July 20, 2017

Dear colleagues,

It’s certainly been an eventful summer for SIUC. We are welcoming our first state budget in two years, and a new Chancellor for our campus, Dr. Carlo Montemagno. Below you will find some updates from the Faculty Association perspective. Before the updates, a request for your help. The FA is only as strong as its members. We are looking for people willing to help out on each of the broad areas covered in more detail below.

FA News: June 12, 2017

[Catching up on some old posts: sorry for the delay.]

Dear Colleagues,
I hope you are managing to do something other than obsess about the plight of our state and our university this summer, but here are some updates on what’s going on.

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FA News: 5/24/2017

Dear Colleagues,

I have just received word of the scheduled visit of the two new external candidates for Chancellor.

The two candidates will be here June 13 (Rodley Hanley) and June 14 (Carlo Montemagno). Each will hold an open forum from 8:45-9:45 am in Guyon Auditorium. Candidates are expected to deliver 15 minute remarks, and then take questions from the audience (not scripted questions from the search committee, as was the case for the other candidates).
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FA News: 5/18/2017

Dear colleagues,

I hope that you are in whatever summer mode you find most pleasant and productive–but there is still of course much news to share with you. This missive provides an update on recent events and some new data about trends in campus staffing.

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FA News: 4/27/2017

Dear Colleagues,

[This post contains an update on the Chancellor search; a link to a letter from the FA to students on campus; questions on the budget we are asking of the administration; data on staffing trends; and the announcement of the new “budgetary resources” page on the website.]

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Program change: CQMSE & Rehab

We’ve received word of a planned merger between the Department of Counseling, Quantitative Methods, and Special Education and the Rehabilitation Institute.

As always, I (Dave J) am happy to share the full proposal with any interested faculty, and would appreciate hearing from any faculty with concerns about this merger.

Program changes (4/18)

Since our last post on this topic, we have received word of an additional program change proposal on campus.

Any faculty member who so wishes is encouraged to get in touch with Dave Johnson to receive all documentation we have received about a given change, and to share any concerns they have about the program change in question.

  • College of Business. An official proposal is in the works that would merge the Departments of Finance, Management, and Marketing, into one academic unit, tentatively named the School of Finance, Management, and Marketing. This new school, together with the existing School of Accountancy, would replace the college’s current arrangement of five academic units.

FA News: General Meeting (4/13/2017)

Dear colleagues,

On Wednesday, April 19 at 6 pm, the Faculty Association will hold an open meeting for all tenured and tenure-track faculty. Members of the FA Executive Committee will present on our new (recently ratified and signed) contract, focusing in particular on the rights and protections the contract gives to faculty in light of the current budgetary situation. And faculty members can pick up a copy of the contract at this meeting.

The meeting will be held at 6 pm in Lawson 101.

It is vital to understand our rights under the contract. Please join us if you can.

In solidarity,

Dave Johnson
President, SIUC FA

FA News: BOT, stopgap, room changes (4/6)

Forgive the frequent messages but events are moving quickly, and I have some updates on announcements from yesterday.

1. BOT declines to authorize SIUC to borrow from SIUE

There was an unexpected development at the BOT meeting today. President Dunn’s plan to have SIUC borrow from SIUE was added late to the agenda. This meant that the board needed unanimous consent to consider the relevant motion. One trustee (Shirley Portwood, an alumna and emerita professor from SIUE) objected, so the motion was pulled. Another trustee (Amy Sholar, another SIUE alumna) said she would be a no vote on the motion. This is bad news for this campus.

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FA News: Announcements (4/5)

Dear colleagues,

Pardon the number of announcements: let us take all this activity as a good sign of positive activity on campus, despite the budgetary gloom.

1. FA Promotion and tenure workshop 4/7

The FA is sponsoring a workshop on Promotion and Tenure this Friday from 12-2 in Communications 1032 (a.k.a. Dean’s Conference Room). If you plan to come, please RSVP to Jyotsna Kapur at jkapur@siu.edu so that we can order enough food for lunch (which will be provided). My apologies for the late reminder. Walk-ins are certainly welcome.

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