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This post will be updated as we get more RME’s in.

Now (10:00 pm 3/21) with an update from CASA and (3/26) the Agriculture “renaming” RME.

The administration is now pushing forward restructuring colleges. And, at least in some cases, faculty are being given all of a week to vote on huge changes–dismemberment of their current college, moving to a new college, or accepting additional programs to their college.

Our understanding is that five colleges have received RME’s. These have not been disseminated outside the colleges yet, but we have received those relevant to the College of Science. As you’ll see below, one of the RME’s transfers units from the College of Science (biology programs, physics, chemistry, math, and computer science) to Engineering, whereas the other “renames” Engineering to reflect the addition of units from science and CASA (aviation programs and automotive).

These are massive changes. They are separate from the Article 9 process, as they do not directly affect academic programs or basic academic units, which would remain more or less intact, at least for the short run. This administration apparently believes that one week is enough time for faculty to decide about the fate of their college and their future work home.

RME Transfer of Academic Units in COS

RME Rename COE-Revised


CASA faculty received an email from their dean that included the following instructions. Note that the meeting to discuss elimination of the college is scheduled to last all of a half hour.

I’m writing to call a special college meeting on Wednesday, April 4, 2018, 12:00pm-12:30pm, in the Transportation Education Center (TEC) Multipurpose Room to discuss and vote for this RME. All CASA faculty and staff are welcome to the meeting, but the RME vote will be for voting Faculty (T/TT faculty) only. You will receive a ballot through this email (attached) with the following items:

  1. Rename CASA to College of Health Services and Human Science: Yes, No, Abstain
  2. Transfer AVMAF, AVT, and AUT three departments to the College of Engineering: Yes, No, Abstain
  3. Transfer SOA to MCMA: Yes, No, Abstain
  4. Transfer ISAT to the College of Business: Yes, No, Abstain

Here is the relevant RME:


UPDATE 2 (3/26)

RME Rename College of Agriculture as College of Agriculture and Life Sciences


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